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About us

About us

At Suzi Staden Pilates we teach proper Pilates.  We are a team of highly qualified and experienced Pilates instructors. We take time to teach you the fundamentals of alignment, breathing and centring so that you exercise safely and effectively,  get the most out of your classes and build a stronger, more flexible body – often eliminating pain and definitely improving your posture and feeling of wellbeing.  

Suzi Staden Pilates Instructor

Suzi Staden

Suzi has been teaching Pilates since 2010 and is certified to teach on the Pilates apparatus – the Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel and Chair – which she uses for 1:1 lessons and also runs several mat work classes each week, ranging from beginners to advanced.  She is particularly interested in helping those with back pain and is a qualified Back4Good practitioner.  “I have always loved exercise and movement and after years of knee problems caused by running, I discovered Pilates and finally understood the importance of a balanced, strong and flexible musculature not only for my sport but in everyday life.  

My clients currently range in age from 18 to 83 and I love coaching them all towards greater body-awareness, helping them to lengthen, to strengthen, to mobilise and generally move with greater ease and poise in their everyday lives. 

I continually keep my skills and education up to date with further study and training courses. Pilates really does work.  I feel the benefits in my own body every day and with a regular, weekly commitment you will start to feel the benefits too”.

Jackie Pearce Pilates Instructor

Jackie Pearce

Jackie is a level 3 qualified Pilates mat work teacher and Back for Good practitioner. She worked in education, for over 12 years, as a teacher and then SENCO and saw many changes. She found she was spending all her time behind a desk with paperwork, or bent over talking to children.

In the later years she was hunched over a computer or with a phone to her ear and decided that it was time for a career change which meant her hobby and passion became her career. She gave up teaching and trained as a Pilates teacher, at the well respected London based Body Control Pilates Centre. “I am constantly inspired when I hear people saying how much Pilates has helped to improve their fitness or overcome an injury or mobility problem. I truly believe in Pilates and the benefits it can bring to your health and fitness”.

Alanna Bottomley Pilates Instructor

Alanna Bottomley

Alanna was first introduced to Pilates at an early age through intensive ballet training with the London Junior Ballet School. Feeling that her Pilates lessons improved her ability as a dancer, she went on to perform with many youth ballet companies including the London Children’s Ballet and the National Youth Ballet of Great Britain.

After winning a place at the London Studio Centre at the young age of 16, Alanna began to do more remedial work to help her with the various injuries that would eventually put an end to her training. Instead of feeling despondent, Alanna enrolled at the Alan Herdman studio in London and discovered that it could benefit people of all disciplines and walks of life and so decided to train as a teacher qualifying in mat work, equipment and remedial exercise in 2012. 

Alanna teaches 1:1s on Fridays using both the mat and the Pilates apparatus.

Anne-Marie Smith Pilates Instructor

Anne-Marie Smith

Anne-Marie has always had a keen interest in keeping fit and has enjoyed many years at the gym attending aerobic activities like body combat, body pump and step aerobic classes working on her cardiovascular fitness.

In 2006 she qualified to teach Exercise to Music due to her love of exercise. After years of both manual and office work she suffered from a repetitive strain injury and a shoulder injury which stopped her doing some of her usual activities. 

Around this time Anne-Marie was introduced to Pilates and found that her pain eased and mobility increased as she began to work the deep postural muscles as well as the more global muscles she was so used to working in the gym.  It seemed a natural progression to train to be a teacher and in 2017 Anne-Marie trained at Body Control Pilates to teach level 3 mat work. 

She has since qualified as a Level 3 Back for Good practitioner and also to work with clients with osteoporosis and now loves sharing her passion with others teaching both group and 1:1 lessons at the studio.

Jo Fassum

Joanna qualified as a Pilates matwork teacher with Body Control Pilates in October 2017.  Joanna has worked as a Nurse for the last 20 years in both Intensive Care and Endoscopy.  She has had an interest in practising Pilates for 14 years, finding it a great way to maintain muscle and core strength and flexibility as well as a means of relaxation from hectic family life. 

She enjoys running, walking and swimming and is aware of how Pilates keeps the body well-conditioned for daily life and sporting activities.  As a nurse, Joanna has lots of experience in supporting and encouraging clients whatever their ability and health status.  She is adding to her Pilates training with further courses and workshops to deepen her understanding of Pilates.

Cathy Amos

Cathy is a highly qualified and enthusiastic Pilates teacher. She has been teaching Pilates for 16 years but teaching various exercise classes for 30 years in total. 

Cathy is BCP level 3 mat qualified, BCP Pre and post natal and a BCP Pilates level 4 lower back pain practitioner; this qualification upgrade allowed her to work with allied physiotherapists on rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Cathy is passionate about Pilates and the positive effects it has on both physical and mental well-being.  This is reflected in her classes which incorporate stretching and always relaxation at the end of each class.  Cathy has been asked many times to record the relaxation part of the class to help her clients relax into a deep sleep at home!

To relax Cathy walks her dogs and enjoys family time.


Suzi Staden Pilates Instructor

Katie Milner

Katie originally trained to become a Pilates instructor in London in 2003 with the Body Control Pilates Association.  She taught mat work and pre-natal Pilates classes for several years in south west London before moving to the Cayman Islands in 2007, where she joined a local physiotherapy clinic teaching small groups and private clients for 5 years before taking a break to bring up her young family. 

In 2017 Katie returned to Pilates and completed the BASI Global Comprehensive Training programme refreshing her mat work training and qualifying her to teach on all the Pilates apparatus. She then helped open and build the Pilates Studio Cayman teaching group reformer, chair and tower classes. In 2021 Katie and her family decided to relocate back to the UK and she has been delighted to join Suzi and her team.

Katie believes Pilates should be made accessible to everyone, from patients coming out of rehab to elite athletes. The beauty of Pilates is the enormous scope of exercises and all can be modified to suit anybody whatever their background, ability or fitness levels. Classes are kept small and that way everyone can benefit from this fantastic form of exercise.


Suzi Staden Pilates Instructor

Shelley Clark

Shelley was a Beauty Therapist for over 15 years before embarking on her Pilates career after attending a class and falling in love with the method.  ”I had finally found a type of exercise that I loved and that helped so much with the back pain and posture problems that I suffered with due to my previous career”.  

Shelley qualified in 2023 as a Level 3 mat work teacher and looks forward to continuing her Pilates training over the coming years. ”I have a real passion for my job, I love seeing peoples’ progression and helping clients to feel their best”.

In her spare time Shelley loves Yoga & anything arty. She enjoys beach walks with her Frenchie & cuddles with her cat, with a good book!  She also enjoys cooking after becoming Plant based around 7 years ago.


Alanna Bottomley Pilates Instructor

Body Control Pilates

The training course that Body Control Pilates teachers must successfully complete to gain their mat work certification, is the most comprehensive of its kind in the world. Once qualified, teachers must continue to attend courses to ensure that they have the right skills and knowledge to work with clients of all levels.

Before your first session, you will be asked to complete an enrolment form, where you can give details of any injuries or conditions so that we can ensure that you exercise safely. Good movement skills are taught step-by-step, breaking the exercises down so that clients can enjoy the benefits of Pilates whilst working safely and effectively towards the more advanced exercises.

All Body Control Pilates teachers work to a maximum group class size of 12, ensuring close supervision and support. Body Control Pilates teachers work to a Code of Practice that governs teaching standards and professional ethics. All teachers hold valid insurance and CPR certification.

Body Control Pilates is a registered trademark used under licence www.bodycontrolpilates.com.

If you would like to discuss our classes then please contact us and we will be happy to arrange an appointment for you.


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